Excel, developed by Microsoft, is widely used software for storing, updating and retrieving data and figures. It is spreadsheet that accommodates figures, tables, images, pivot tables, graphs and much more. Many small to large size Businesses use excel to store, organize, analyze and share data. It was initially developed for Windows but is now also available for iOS, Android and macOS. Its widespread familiarity and use make it one of the top spreadsheets and office suit app. 

Why Excel?

  • Microsoft Excel stores and organizes large volumes of small data.
  • It allows customizing cells, embedding math formulas, and exporting data into other formats. It’s perfect for dealing with numbers. 
  • It’s easy to learn and any one can start creating documents with first go. It has so many shortcuts which make it easier to use.
  •  It has vast and unlimited features that you can implement in your work.
  • You can create graphs and charts in your data and can easily share the data files.
  • You can import and export the data to and from databases. The calculation is hassle-free using some tricks.
  • Shortcuts: In Microsoft excel, there are lots of shortcuts like auto sum, quick fills, formulas, charts, graphs, etc, which help in making any kind of a report easy, quickly and efficiently.