Excel Online

Excel Online is the free and online, web version of Microsoft Excel. It is free and offers variety of functionalities like graphs, pivot table and charts, similar to spreadsheets like Excel. Excel online is also used for online survey forms, data collection and collaboration. It enables the user to access, use and edit the Excel spreadsheets online.

Why Excel Online?

  • It is free and users can store up to 5 GB of data in OneDrive without any charges.
  • It offers many pre-designed templates and spreadsheets for feasibility.
  • Excel online offers all the functions offered by Excel – over 471 different functions.
  • Familiar User Interface: it has a very simple, easy-to-navigate and friendly user interface similar to Excel.
  • It is the perfect software for numerical and statistical data analysis. It is completely customizable and has better features than its competitor, Google-spread sheets. 
  • Export Reports: Microsoft Excel allows one to export reports from various systems and manipulate them accordingly. 
  • Data Visualization: This is one of the best features that I love. Excel helps me to come up with visually appealing charts for various presentations to stakeholders.
  • Automations, macros, regular expressions, and formulas are incredibly superior to those offered in other software.