Epicor ERP

Epicor Online is stable enterprise resource planning software that is used in organizations to elevate and grow the way of work and enhances the execution of various business processes and improves service delivery. The platform is used in the whole of organization and helps in building a strong organization with streamlined business processes. It helps address the business problem of having a disjointed workflow and executing various services using manual methods.

Why Epicor Online?

  • It’s built for use even on mid-sized organizations helping them improve their planning and service delivery. 
  • The platform can be accessed even from mobile device and this enhances its prudent usage all through anywhere at any time. 
  • Querying data is very easy with the built-in business activity query builder. Deploying the data in useful dashboards is easy and highly valuable
  • Customization: It has a user-friendly interface and is customizable according to the needs of the user.
  • It is easy to manage and once set up it runs fairly consistently and has a good amount of uptime compared to previous versions. 
  • Epicor has a “Google-like” search feature (Enterprise Search) that is top notch. It allows you to search on any key word in your data set and brings back relevant results in various groupings to make it simple to quickly get to the data you need.