EnterpriseDB is an open source, enterprise level and high-class database, compatible to Oracle. Businesses use it ensure maximum security and safety of their databases. It also offers optimized performance to the databases and its different components including storage, client-code and network. The health of a database engine is closely monitored with the extensive analytics provided by the EnterpriseDB. Its main use is to provide an additional layer of security over the well-known database system, PostreSQL.

Why EnterpriseDB?

  • High availability: Enterprise DB has best-in-class tool and many others features like Bucardo and PGPool-II.
  • Secure: EnterpriseDB offers row level control, FIPS and other benchmark specific standards, increased data audits and increased SQL injection projection.
  • Performance enhancement: it optimizes the functionality with various tools including Session diagnostics, Query optimizer hints and analytics.
  • Recovery: In case of data breach or disaster, EnterpriseDB provides full DR and HA solution which also includes the disaster recovery and replication.
  • The technical support team is very responsive and efficient. The support is eager to help and very knowledgeable as well.
  • It is reliable and scalable since it has been developed on decades of PostreSQL development.

It supports every function that Oracle does and it is compatible with many other applications.