DataRobot is a company that provides automated machine learning software, or an “AI Cloud,” for data scientists who want to focus on their data and model while DataRobot takes care of the tedious effort required to build a thorough statistical model. Using DataRobot’s cross-validation technology, all variables are tested with multiple models before being added to the model. This eliminates human error, leading to optimal model performance on unseen data.

Why DataRobot?

  • DataRobot is a superior platform for building predictive models and obtaining actionable insights.
  • DataRobot helps companies by improving the speed of development of new models and improving the time required to obtain actionable insights from statistical models.
  • DataRobot uses a new platform for machine learning to build upon existing technologies, creating a more productive and automated system for machine learning.
  • DataRobot’s platform is built using the most advanced statistical techniques to find hyperparameters for models with the least bias.
  • DataRobot is an adaptive intelligent system that is constantly learning.
  • DataRobot is continually enhancing its model improvement algorithms to further improve predictive performance.
  • DataRobot customizes its technologies for different companies, industries, and data sets to provide an improved experience.