Couchbase is a distributed database management system created by the company Couchbase, Inc. Couchbase stores data in RAM for faster access times, but also replicates that data across servers for redundancy and parallelization. Data in the database is stored as documents and can be queried via an index or key/value pairs.

Why Couchbase?

  • With Couchbase, one can start with small server configurations and add more servers as needed
  • Businesses do not have to worry about purchasing higher-end servers upfront, which would lead to wasted money if they eventually did not need them
  • Couchbase servers can be added, removed, and scaled up or down at any time
  • Built for scaling with horizontal scalability of servers and nearly linear performance
  • Updating data is simple, either by direct assignment or via an index
  • Data inserts are fast
  • Couchbase indexes are very flexible, allowing for multiple indexes with various options on each index
  • The performance of Couchbase has nearly linear scaling, so doubling the number of servers quadruples performance
  • Disaster recovery is built into Couchbase
  • Data can be replicated across multiple Couchbase clusters for load balancing and failover.
  • Couchbase is ideal for businesses needing a database that can scale with their company.
  • Document database for fast access to data via key/value pairs or full documents
  • Simple, flexible indexes with multiple options on each index
  • Data can be replicated across multiple clusters for load balancing and failover