Developed by Cockroach Labs, CockroachDB is a standard SQL commercial database. It was designed with cloud applicants in mind to manage data-intensive applicants. Used by the likes of companies such as Lush, Bose and Comcast, CockroachDB was created to survive multiple hardware and software failures without using complex techniques that are typically found in other distributed systems. One may say that Cockroach Labs has designed one of the most evolved scaled databases to date.

Why CockroachDB?

·      Gives an efficient alternative to manual sharing.

·      Easy to download and set up. 

·      Data and workload demands are automatically distributed.

·      Architected to prevent data loss such as machine, datacenter and region failures.

·      Choice given between Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform when setting up CockroachDB clusters in Virtual Private Cloud.

·      For inter-node and client-node authentication TLS 1.3 digital certificates are used. Which is managed by HashiCorp Vault.

·      AICPA SOC2 Trust Services Criteria is used for internal security.

·      Scales and builds databases automatically.

·      Can be used for multi-region deployments as well as cloud migrations.

·      Data is called horizontally.

·      It can be used in multiple scenarios: local computers, single servers, corporate development clusters and public/private clouds.

·      Data is replicated consistently in case of software or hardware failures. 

·      Raft is used to continue CockroachDB through short-term failures.

·      CockroachDB uses Raft consensus algorithm and stored data is versioned with MVCC to consistently replicate data.

·      Serializable SQL transactions are guaranteed.