Cloudant, an IBM software product, is a non-relational distributed database service based on the CouchDB and BigCouch project. Cloudant provides data management, search, and an analytics engine designed for web and mobile applications. By scaling databases on the CouchDB framework, Cloudant provides hosting, administrative tools, analytics, and support for CouchDB and BigCouch. Cloudant has been optimized to keep up with heavy workloads and the fast-growing world of web and mobile applications.

Why Cloudant?

·      Flexible and fast

·      Effective use of map-reduce to aggregate results

·      Simple set up

·      Excellent response time for bi-directional syncs with CouchDB

·      Consumers can scale data layers without issues

·      Variety of storage locations and migration capabilities allows for quick and easy access to data

·      API integration

·      It has a high storage capacity

·      Rapid writes is supported

·      Map-reduce to aggregate results is allowed

·      Bi-directional synchronizations are efficient

·      Operational problems are minimum

·      Data can be scaled efficiently

·       Data is easy to download in required format

·      Automatic process

·      Easy to access through IBM Cloud dashboard

·      User friendly

·      API keys help improve authentication

·      It has secure syncs due to synchronization with https

·      It can run on bare metal and virtual machines

·      Data can be encrypted through optional user-defined encryption management.

·      Can instantly create and independently scale databases

·      JSON documents can be stored using HTTP APU 

·      Eliminates in-region conflicts.

·      Many programming languages such as Java, Node.js, Python, Swift etc are supported