Btrieve is a transactional database software that is based on the Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) that stores data in a way that ensures fast retrieval. In other words, Btrieve deals with record creation, data retrieval, record updating, and data deletion primitives, and uses ISAM as an indexing and storage tool.

·      Current versions support system transactions along with user transactions.

·      Not suitable for multi-store cross-selling.

·      Allows the generation of custom reports.

·      Btrieve was able to change their record update technique from pre-image paging to shadow paging.

·      Its fundamental structure stores pointers to decrease search time.

·      Can support both, Btrieve navigational database engine and an SQL-based engine.

·      Data is recovered easily.

·      Multiple system transactions can be done in a batch.

·      Btrieve can be used in Windows, DOS and Netware.

·      Duplicate key values in an index are allowed.

·      Linked duplicate method and/or repeating duplicate method are used to handle duplicate keys.

·      The MKDE on the server detects network connection failures and recovers data more efficiently than workstation configuration.

·      Btrieve is configured to use tracing, an advanced feature, for debugging purposes.

·      MKDE settings can be altered using the configuration utility included.

·      If Btrieve is using Windows file while using the standalone workstation configuration and the database engine opens files from file share during a network instability, then it can become unsynchronized and database files can be corrupted.