Box develops and markets cloud-based content to manage, collaborate on, and share digital files. These files are stored and managed in an online folder system that is accessible from numerous devices. Users can attach comments to the files, share them forward, apply workflow, and even implement security policies. First released in 2005, Box has now raked over 41 million service users which constitutes 6.5% of the market! While previously marketed towards the general layman, Box has recently focused solely on business users.

Why box?

·      Files can be accessed from any device

·      Core Box service available with add-ons to meet the needs of different businesses

·      Offers collaboration, security, analytics etc all under one roof

·      Users can invite other collaborators to upload or modify files

·      Users can create and edit certain filed directly on Box

·      Comments or notes added to documents can be seen from the folder system

·      Offers TLS encryption for file safety

·      Each user is given access to their documents

·      IT staff can set extra access and security policies 

·      Information on file access can be shared 

·      Alerts shared for suspicious access

·      Open APIs allow for the integration with common business applications such as Microsoft applications

·      Company provides consulting, support, among other services to users

·      AES 256-bit encryption is used to encrypt every file.

·      Users meet global compliance and privacy requirements through simplified governance.

·      Box offers machine learning to defend against threats. 

·      Box provides services with seamless integration and governance partners.

·      Users are able to manage their own encryption keys.