Bing Search

Bing Search

Bing, also known as Microsoft Bing, is a search engine operated by Microsoft. First unveiled in 2009, it was introduced as a replacement for Microsoft’s Live Search engine, and still has its origins in Microsoft’s previous search engines. Bing boasts web, image, video, and map search services. As a result of the variety of search services it provides, Bing is now the third largest search engine globally with an average usage volume of 4.58%.

Why Bing?

·      Third party integration. Facebook users have the ability to share their searches efficiently on Facebook via the Facebook connect feature.

·      Windows 8 includes a Bing smart search integration that processes queries through the windows start screen

·      Bing translator provides users text or entire web page translations in around 70 different languages.

·      The Bing predict feature uses search data to infer outcomes for certain events such as reality shows or even political elections.

·      The Bing Bar browser extension provides users with links to content from within their web browser without having to navigate away from a page they are already on.

·      Bing Bar displays local weather forecasts and stock market positions.

·      Microsoft Bing uses Azure Active Directory for authentication.

·      HTTPS connection is used for end-to-end encryption. 

·      It is optimized for desktop and mobiles by maintaining a single index.

·      Microsoft Bing offers multiple services such as Outlook, OneDrive and Office Online.

·      Bing uses a visual interface to help users find relevant information quicker.

·      Unlike competitors, Bing provides SEO reports which include recommendations on how to improve your web pages SEO ranking.

·      Bing’s algorithm uses meta keywords in a page’s source code as a spam indicator.