Bing Ads

Bing Ads are the Pay per Click advertisement method introduced by Microsoft, which is run on their search engine, Bing Ads are therefore a type of marketing tactic used by Microsoft where the number of clicks on a particular ad determines the payment done by the advertiser of that particular ad. Bing Ads are operational on three of Microsoft’s search engines which are Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. For businesses venturing into the digital transformation and online marketing, Bing Ads can be incorporated into their marketing strategy as a means to increase reach and traffic as well as brand awareness.

Why Bing Ads?

  • The fact that it is a product of Microsoft means that an ad advertised on Bing will automatically be advertised on Yahoo and AOL as well, which means more reach. However, the advertisers are also given the option to filter out their target engine, so for example, if you do not want your ad on yahoo, you can easily restrict it, giving you additional flexibility and autonomy over your strategy.
  • There is lesser competition in Bing Ads, which translates to lower costs and eventually lesser advertisers also mean that your business’s ads have a higher chance of ranking on the top or first page
  • Bing Ads has also partnered with many notable websites such as Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Outlook. Furthermore, it gives flexibility to the advertiser to opt-out of these search engines if they are not performing well, by giving complete reports on the outcomes of each partner site.
  • The demographic who uses Bing is mostly elder people with higher revenue. This means that advertisers who opt for Bing Ads are likely to target these people who have more income to spend and therefore result in greater revenue for them