BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform providing software as a service (SaaS), specifically to retailers. This e-commerce software provides services including website creation, SEO Optimization, setting up online payment processes, and handle transactions for small to medium-sized retailers. Therefore, BigCommerce is an easy solution to the online management of e-commerce stores where a centralized platform is provided to handle all the customer-related requirements and needs.

Why BigCommerce?

  • BigCommerce provides a 24/7 support system which means that in event of any sort of issue or problem – the e-tailer can gain help and guidance almost instantaneously.
  • It allows integration with many websites including eBay, Amazon, and also Facebook. For a retailer, this is a very important feature because these websites are very popular amongst online shoppers, therefore having a platform that enables the businesses to integrate with them is a huge convenience and a way to divert traffic to their own website.
  • BigCommerce is extremely easy to use, so even if an employee is not a tech expert, he/she can still gain the full benefit of this e-commerce platform. Some of the features available include, automated returns, payment gateway integration with PayPal and Google Checkout, and the ability to view full inventory.
  • The security features include: firewalls, file integrity scanning, intrusion detection, and furthermore BigCommerce is ISO/IEC 27001: 2013& PCI DSS3.2, Level 1 Certified.
  • BigCommerce has a huge advantage over its competitors with its 99.9% uptime, which is the highest in the industry – therefore, users do not need to worry about lost time or breakdowns
  • Leveraging leading infrastructure and tools which are supported by this platform help the business to enable their website to load faster for customer convenience. These tools include Google Cloud Platform, Google AMP, and Akamai Image Manager
  • It offers a wide assortment of template designs that can be personalized and customized according to user preferences using HTML or CSS Editors.