Azure Management

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based infrastructure that provides different services and platforms in the form of software for fulfilling business needs and requirements. It has been termed as the world’s leading infrastructure and service provider with the added competitive edge of being compatible with Microsoft’s products which are widely used in all businesses at the moment. It helps in building and deploying applications in the business more easily while maintaining security protocols and integrating all departments through cloud-based platforms.

Why Azure Management?

  • High scalability is one of the key features of Azure, as it has been designed for small to large businesses and can be scaled according to the requirements of the business.
  • It has a service level agreement of 99.98 % which is quite high compared to other platforms
  • The level of cyber security that Azure offers is unmatched, with services such as multi-factor authentication, passwords, and authorization policies.
  • It is not as expensive as other platforms, due to its pay-as-you-use policy – in which businesses only need to pay for what services they avail rather than buying all of them.
  • Azure also allows massive data storage, without any limits on size, the structure of time which is another key advantage of this platform.