Azure Cosmos DB


Microsoft’s proprietary service, Azure Cosmos DB is a multi-model database used to manage data. It is generally classified as a NoSQL database. By transparently scaling and replicating data, Cosmos DB offers turnkey distribution across a number of regions. As a result, Cosmos DB has helped make app development faster and more productive. Database administration is no longer an issue with Azure Cosmos DB with its features of automatic management, updates and patching.

Why Cosmos DB?

· Can be used for large-scale projects.

· Data queries have quick access and response times

· High speed when it comes to reading and writing data

· Infinite scalability

· Allows alteration consistency level

· Infinite scalability

· Low latency is guaranteed

· Provides seamless service

· Allows access through API

· Automatically indexes data thus reducing administrative work

· Has a tunable consistency model which simplifies challenges faced in distributed systems engineering

· Compatible with Cassandra API

· High availability is maintained throughout countries with the aid of consistency level.

· Cosmos DB has an efficient recovery system to protect critical data.

· The support team is immensely helpful

· Multiple API’s – such as Mongo, SQL, Gremlin API etc. – are available

· Exceptional data ingestion speed

· Multiple scalability options are available including auto-scaling

· You can customize multiple features such as security, private networks, performance and global distribution

· Encryption at rest is available

· Policy driven IP-based access controls are supported for added security measures