Avalara AvaTax

AvaTax is a flagship software designed by Avalara to aid in digitized tax computing and compliance. It offers cloud-based services for businesses of all types – providing end-to-end tax-related calculations for all types of transactions in an easy, comprehensive, and updated manner. Not to mention, it can handle all of this based on various jurisdiction laws, seamlessly integrating itself with the company’s own e-commerce platform, alleviating the burden on the IT or finance department.

Why Avalara AvaTax?

  • Automated calculations and end-to-end service eliminate the need to manually update tax entries and perform tedious steps, also reducing the chance of human errors.
  • 100 % accuracy in calculations as well as an automatic update on various tax-related laws and regulations
  • It can also be integrated with over 500 software applications, including Oracle, Shopify, eBay, Etsy therefore it is a huge help for online businesses especially.
  • Assures tax compliance for a business regardless of the location due to its ability to automatically update locations and their corresponding tax regulations
  • It is easy to manage the AvaTax data by accessing it through protocols such as ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET
  • The explicit privacy policy of AvaTax indicates that personal information of their customers collected at the time of contract is not shared, sold, or rented out to the third party for promotional purposes
  • Availability of complete and comprehensive reports available 24/7 with a list of transactions that can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime through a simple to use interface