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Asana is an advanced management tool that helps companies organize, communicate, track and manage their tasks, workflows and projects. It is a platform to bring different teams together in one place to collaborate and address issues. It is a flexible tool and ideal for managing multiple projects at the same time. It is suitable both short-term and long-term projects and for business of all sizes.


  • The tool works best for both remote teams and onsite team to organize routine tasks and get updates on their progress
  • Asana eliminates the need for constant team meetings, emails and memos to communicate and collaborate 
  • With Asana, Companies and teams become more efficient, move faster, confident, and productive.
  • It aligns the projects with your business goals 
  • Asana has a mobile app for both IOS and Android that can come in handy 
  • It shares notes on task descriptions and upload attachment to tasks, organizes tasks by priority, establishes workflow, send due date reminders, and notifications on work completion and updates. 
  • Asana is easy to use and provide better solutions as it can integrate with a variety of apps such as Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, Office365, Google Drive, Gmail, Zoom, Outlook, etc 
  • It includes management and reporting tools that ensure success and smooth running of projects. 
  • Customization of dashboards allow each task to be tracked separately such as tracking customer queries or tracking job applicants
  • It is very easy to navigate