Apache CouchDB

Apache CouchDB uses a multitude of formats and protocols to store, process, and transfer data. JSON is used to store data, JavaScript as a query language, while HTTP is used for API. A clustered database allows users to run a single logical database server on a variety of servers or VMs as well. CouchDB uses views as the main tool to run queries and create reports from stored files. Views allow users to filter documents by relevance to ensure availability of relevant data regarding database process. This information can then be mapped and extracted according to user preference.

Why CouchDB?

·      Easy to use and integrate

·      Prompt install and set up

·      Offers prompt retrieval and indexing

·      Easy replication across multiple servers

·      Provides multiple libraries in different languages

·      HTTP API allows for flexible and seamless operations

·      Simple map-reduce support available

·      Sharding and clustering support without needing a load balancer 

·      Ability to clone, backup, and listen for changes via replication protocol

·      Able to efficiently sync with another database

·      Fast retrieval 

·      Document oriented database management