Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is a non-relational database. DynamoDB is reliant and can assist both small and large businesses. It includes built-in security, backup and restore capabilities, along with in-memory caching. Customers prefer AWS DynamoDB for mobile, web, gaming, ad tech, Internet of Things, and several other applications that require low-latency access to data.


  • AWS DynamoDB automatically scales the throughput up or down and consistently backs up the data for security. DynamoDB duplicates the table, allowing the geographically distributed application to access the information efficiently.
  • The information saved in Amazon DynamoDB is encrypted and has a service level agreement to ensure reliability. Amazon Management tools are also available to oversee the tables.
  • Users have virtually unlimited storage, allowing them to save an endless amount of data based on their needs.
  • At every level, Amazon DynamoDB provides a standard and speedy response. In addition, the apps are designed to have nearly infinite throughput and capacity. Without requiring any app changes, an in-memory cache capability is given to cut response time from milliseconds to microseconds.
  • When selecting a database, cost is a significant consideration. Writing activities are typically three times more expensive than reading ones, yet they are more common in most circumstances. Considering that there are three times as many reading processes as there are writing ones, DynamoDB IOPs are a little less expensive.