Alfresco, founded in 2005, is an open-source enterprise content management system. Organizations use it to store information and retrieve at the time of need. It helps keep track, manage and optimize the resources and profitability of the organization. It acts as a centralized repository of the content centric applications of the company. It enables organizations to share, manipulate, input, find and view data in a flexible and secure way.

  • Its easily integrated platform helps manage the web portal, records, images, and many more.
  • Workflow management: It can be used for collaboration purposes in organizations via Alfresco Share, allowing working with document lifecycle from capture, online edition, metadata enrichment and tagging, versioning, sharing, digital signature to archive.
  • It is used as intranet for employee’s documentation (paysheets, holidays), commercial repository for sales people and collaboration repositories for customers and suppliers.
  • It also allows user to create custom solutions and application with programming languages.
  • You can build your own modules which carry out actions on incoming and outgoing documents therefore.
  • The document manager is powerful, flexible, scalable, and robust. It supports different use cases and meets most of the static document management needs