Airtable is a relational database tool that gives the power to the users to model, define and build relationships and create explicit views according to the nature of their work. It is versatile and an easy-to-use software platform for people to build solutions for the sake of agility and innovation. Airtable is the easy-to-go solution to track an event or manage a project.

  • Airtable offers several organizational templates for the users to manage the data quickly and effectively.
  • Integration: Airtable supports integrating with other file management and project management apps to make the sharing of data much efficient.
  • It is like a spreadsheet, where users can define relation between the tables and build link between the data to avoid data redundancy
  • It is simple, flexible and straightforward to create bases, tables and store information.
  • Cross-collaboration: the data can be easily categorized with the tagging function and shared among the internal and external teams.
  • Compared to the competitor product, Airtable is easy to use for person with no prior knowledge due to its simplicity, user-friendly functions and interface.