Acumatica cloud ERP is a business management solution for small to medium size organizations. It helps business thrive in this era of digital marketing and e-commerce by providing proper insights into data to make good decisions for the business to grow in a powerful way.

  • The managing of inventory; buying, selling, placing orders, tracking and issuing is automated with Acumatica cloud ERP that speeds up the process.
  • The inventory can be evaluated for the financial statements using average costing, LIFO methods.
  • Productivity: the modern functions are implemented to get better insights into the business. It helps in streamlining the process and smoothen the workflows.
  • Mobile: Acumatica has an efficient technical support team and its mobile app is available on android and iOS.
  • Increased cash flow: Acumatica enables to increase the cash flow and maintain quality service simultaneously with automation, omitting risks of error and speeding up the ordering, shipping and billing processes.
  • Integration: Acumatica is integrated with the customer relationship management (CRM) to enhance the customer experience. It provides the behavioral data of the customer including the buying preferences, shipments, payments, etc.