Act-on software, a SaaS product, is developed by the Act-on. It is a leading growth marketing automation software used in email marketing, lead management and CRM integration. It was mainly developed for marketers. It is currently used by small, medium and large industries to help their marketing departments strategize effective and smart solutions for growth projection.

  • Act-on is scalable, adaptable, easy-to-use and suitable for wide range of industries.
  • It has a very friendly interface and easy navigation that helps deliver relevant and timely marketing through automated marketing.
  • The platform has evolved over the years to cater the needs of the industry in a great fashion. Their customer support is also considered one of the best in the league.
  • It does not require any prior knowledge of marketing automation and coding. Toggling between visual view and HTML is easy when creating an email.
  • Act-on is economical and has beginner-friendly learning center where users can easily find answers to their queries.
  • The software has the ability to segment based upon the behavioral data of the customer such as what email did the user open.
  • The landing pages are easy to create with Act-on. The drag and drop option makes it easier for users with no knowledge of HTML to create emails.