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Data Usage & Privacy Notice: Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (“Data443”) and its affiliates do not log, store, or otherwise retain any data submitted in this service. Data443 recommends only non-private or non-sensitive data be used in this implementation. If you would like to classify live data for sample reporting, we recommend downloading Data Hound®.

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Classify at scale

Take the next step in obtaining full contextualization of your organization’s data with our team of data classification experts.

Guardians of Port443: Becoming a Sensitive Data Jedi

Your data sprawls across a variety of applications and operating systems on a daily basis. It’s stored on diverse endpoints and servers, locally and in the cloud. This complex data infrastructure presents a massive risk to your sensitive and, often, regulated data.

Classifying your organization’s data creates actionable context, so you can make informed data security decisions to meet governance, regulatory, audit, and corporate compliance requirements.

Journey into the world of data classification with Jason Remillard, CEO and founder of Data443. Classification, arguably the most critical data security function, should be continuous, have low false positives, and be easy to integrate. We’ll explore Data443’s 1300+ policies (in over 40 languages) which are updated as policies change so you can breathe easy knowing your sensitive data is tagged.

CEO and Founder, Data443

Auto-Classify Data With

Data Identification Manager

Improve your data security posture by governing data across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. From a centralized dashboard, automatically inventory data repositories, classify and tag data, and enable global search and discovery – all through an agentless deployment. Identify high-risk assets and move data from exposed locations based on sensitive data rules, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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