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Cyren Incident
Response Service

We’ve got this.

Organizations spend an average of 5,111 hours per year investigating and responding to user-reported suspicious emails. This crippling burden on cybersecurity teams leads to missed alerts and analyst burnout. Cyren Inbox Security plus the Cyren Incident Response Service reduces Mean Time to Respond and enables your SOC team to sharpen their focus.

Never investigate another email.

Let us respond to the less than 10% of email threats that need to be investigated by analysts.

  • Every alert, every hour, every day, every holiday

  • Relentless analysis of alerts and feedback to the users

  • Immediately apply post-incident threat indicators

  • 11 minutes MTTR, 3.5 times faster than customer SOCs

Expert analysis with a global view

Unlike other solutions that only inspect emails once, Cyren Inbox Security constantly monitors employee mailboxes for latent social engineering and evasive malware attacks.

  • Cyren Inbox Security automatically classifies 99% of threats
  • Our experts quickly investigate the other 1%, applying threat hunting skills honed over our 30 year history
  • With visibility across companies, geographies, and industries, our analysts keep you ahead of the latest email and social engineering attacks

“Cyren’s IR team has shifted a huge burden from our shoulders to theirs.”

Damian Stalls

vCIO Director, Fluid Networks

Harness the wisdom of the crowd

We keeps you ahead of email attacks with analysis from
Cyren security researchers and our global customer base.

Informative banners and simple tools enable users to apply training in real-time and to real threats

On-demand scans of suspicious messages promote engagement and alertness

Cyren security researchers instantly apply lessons learned into global and customer-specific detection logic

Increase ROI of your security awareness training program

Managed email incident response

Our experts operate around the clock, every day, and every holiday to relieve your team from time consuming and stressful threat investigation and response.
  • Expert analysis of suspicious message indicators and user-submitted alerts.
  • Provides feedback to users to reduce false positives and encourage participation
  • 3.5 time faster Mean Time to Respond than in-house SOCs
  • Never investigate another suspicious email. Free your security team to focus on other priorities.

“Cyren’s IR team has shifted a huge burden from our shoulders to theirs.” 

Damian Stalls
vCIO Director, Fluid Networks

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