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Country: United States of America

THE GDPR Framework-WordPress

WordPress powers most of the worlds’ high and small profile websites and many ecommerce operations. Powering our latest product – The GDPR Framework – We are proud to be a supporter of the Open Source Community and assisting in GDPR Compliance.


Powering our DSAR Workflow engine for Data Identification Manager™ (formerly known as ClassiDocs®) – ProcessMaker is a sophisticated and customizable workflow implementation solution that is rapidly delivered via cloud technologies. Much like a Zapier or IFTTT – for business process management. Core to our offerings – a great partner!


Data443®’s Data Identification Manager™ (formerly known as ClassiDocs®) was the first to market with a capability that anyone needing advanced analytics, User Behavior Analytics, and Security Response – DATA we made the ‘syslog for data(tm)’ – sending all document events (classification, location, usage, changes, etc.) to your SIEM.

Microsoft Partner Network

We are a Microsoft Online Services Partner and part of the Microsoft Partner Network. The program enables us early and supported access to all facets of Microsoft in addition to co-marketing and co-sales opportunities.

The SPARK Institute, Inc.

The SPARK Institute‘s Privacy Committee assembles preeminent inter-industry experts in the privacy sector to analyze and understand the impact of global privacy laws on SPARK members and their clients. The committee also provides thought leadership, strategic recommendations and policy guidance to state and federal entities.