Data Classification Drives Security and Confidence

Data classification helps organizations know their data and establish appropriate levels of control to maintain its confidentiality and integrity. But classification is more than just a step in the data management process. We believe it underpins everything that makes data secure.

Our solutions integrate natively with SIEM technologies to enable the data to inform the security response – continuously and with respect to change.

Change is inevitable. New projects come up, regulations shift, business grows. When these things happen, new data is created that needs to be classified. But why wait for the IT department to start the process? Our solutions classify data as it is created and enable the sustained re-classification of that data as it lives within the organization.
- Forrester

Data security and confidence come from a data classification approach that:

  • Enables full-enterprise classification and reclassification at will and continuously over time
  • Captures classification parameters as the data is created
  • Responds in minutes to classification policy changes
  • Integrates natively with existing computing infrastructures