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When was the last time you assessed your organization’s complete HIPAA compliance?

Take a compliance self-assessment provided by the publisher HIPAA Journal. Download Now Are you covered? Half of all PHI breaches come from insider data theft or user negligence. HIPAA requires organizations to keep PHI secure for an extended period of time in order to demonstrate compliance and to respond to information requests.

Top Data Retention and Budget Challenges Solved

With busy schedules, a need for instant delivery, and desire to leave a trail for tracking, it’s not surprising that a Gartner study revealed nearly 60% of the average business’ critical data is stored in e-mail. Internal communication and client exchanges are saved somewhere in the mass of personal content and overlooked

Exciting New Way to Authenticate on Android 7 phones & Resilient is Ready!

Resilient Network Systems believes FIDO2/WebAuthN has the potential to dramatically improve the security and privacy of identity on the web, while dramatically simplifying the user’s task of registering and authenticating their identity.  WebAuthN became an official WC3 Standard today, March 4, 2019, and FIDO2 is achieving broad industry endorsement and support

Compliant Productivity: Embracing “Millennial” Communication Tools While Maintaining Compliance

From employee communication apps like Slack to personal text messages, today’s organizations rely on modern tech for all aspects of their workplace productivity. This shift in how businesses communicate requires a shift in how businesses achieve compliant productivity. More than 40% of Fortune 100 companies today use Slack for internal collaboration and communication. Within these companies, dozens

Data Classification Fail: Data Stolen at Apple Car

Confidentiality Oaths and Stolen Secrets As Bloomberg first reported, an Apple Inc. engineer has been charged with stealing data from the company that contained car secrets for a prototype driverless car. Jizhong Chen had been working for Apple for about six months, signing a strict confidentiality oath upon being hired.  According to another Apple

Opt-In or Opt-Out: Which Route Should Your Organization Go?

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) launched a worldwide conversation on data security and consumer data protections. As historical data breaches continue to happen on a way-too-frequent basis, and data privacy legislation expands across the globe, companies are taking a harder look at their privacy policies and their obligations under each

CCPA Readiness Checklist: Are You Protected?

he California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) becomes effective January 1, 2020, but organizations must have certain data protection policies in place now to comply with the new legislation. Modifications to current procedures and a solid understanding of legal requirements are essential to CCPA compliance.    The CCPA increases

GDPR in 2019: We’ve Only Just Begun

E-mails, pop-ups, and opt-out messages flooded inboxes and browsers in 2018 as companies began to worry about consent governance and privacy regulation – and the business impact of non-compliance. The General Data Protection Act brought awareness and attention to data privacy across the world. When GDPR went into effect in