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Your Inbox Is At Risk. How To Stop Outlook Phishing Email Attacks?

Is your inbox the victim of an outlook phishing email? The fastest way to combat this threat is to recognize it, and then take immediate action. We’ve outlined some of the common signs of phishing, as well as some powerful and easy-to-use tools for you to fortify your Outlook account. Don’t forget the importance of layered protection against spam, malware, phishing and ransomware.

The Facts

  • Outlook phishing emails are a serious security threat for individuals and enterprises alike. These emails pretend to be someone or something they’re not, and usually ask for sensitive data or money. You should always be on the lookout for them, and know what steps to take if you encounter one.
  • A multi-protocol email security system such as Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager (IPM) is essential. Outlook users should have the option to fully secured emails, by detecting and blocking phishing, spam and malware. Inbox Protection Manager also allows enhanced email security through Microsoft 365 anti-phishing policies.
  • Secure email service is achievable if you have a strong password that you change regularly, multi-factor authentication, regular training, and data protection compliance – as well as using tools like Inbox Protection Manager to sort and prioritize your email.

What Are Outlook Phishing Emails?

phishing email attacks - illustration of a hacker sending a phishing email
Email security has become the front line in the fight against phishing attacks. Cyber criminals use emails to steal sensitive data and money from unsuspecting targets. Microsoft Outlook, as a primary personal and corporate messaging service, is an obvious target for predator tactics.

It’s imperative to identify and reject harmful emails including phishing attacks and malware delivered by email, to avoid data loss and monetary theft.

The context of email security includes prevention of exposing confidential data, monetary theft and loss of business uptime in any industry or government entity. Phishers use impersonation techniques to achieve their goals. They send seemingly valid emails, pretending to be from a trusted entity, and trick the recipient – by baiting (promising something appealing) or by coercing (threatening to harm or reveal secrets) – to click on a harmful link that gives them access to your account or an organization’s data store for bigger breaches. Some attacks, such as business email compromise, target specific employees to trick, and there is technology and human awareness that can be deployed to detect and reject these attacks.

How To Identify Harmful Emails And Phishing In Outlook

Phishing emails pretend to be from a legitimate sender, and have a different hidden purpose, usually to steal sensitive data or to install malware with malicious attachments. Users of Outlook can easily identify these harmful emails by looking at the from address, which usually is fake or a malicious address string that looks like a real one.

Be wary of emails that create an artificial sense of urgency. (This is the recipient’s thinking deteriorates and they act hastily). These emails ask for sensitive data or money, and create a sense of urgency and anxiety to overcome your logical thinking.

New Techniques In Phishing

As the industry advances, so do the cyber criminals. Spear phishing, for example, has moved from being a mass attack technique to a much more targeted activity. Cyber criminals choose specific targets based on personal information and research. Phishing attacks have become more targeted and sophisticated, and users are tricked into clicking on a harmful link. A newer form of these attacks is called ‘quishing’. QR codes are used by attackers as a delivery mechanism for phishing sites, and users are directed to a harmful destination. Cyber criminals are getting ingenious – and so must we.

How To Stop Phishing Email Attacks 

phishing email attacks - illustration of secure email gateway

Secure email gateways are the guardians of our email accounts. They monitor the stream of emails coming in and out, and look for signs of phishing and potential account compromise attacks, and malicious email downloads. They use multiple detection techniques including email content, sender reputation and blocking malicious attachments from being opened in a sandbox (a secure environment). These services provide email security that is much needed in our everyday email communication.

A layered email security solution should be implemented to monitor email attacks. These solutions include cloud native email security tools, and email security integrated with different platforms. They include protection from phishing, malware, ransomware and CEO impersonation, as well as email encryption and automated detection and removal of malicious emails.

Integrated and Cloud based Email Security solutions, which include their protection directly within Microsoft 365 and other platforms for example, using APIs to integrate the security directly within the platform.

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager (IPM)

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager (IPM) is a powerful and easy-to-use email security tool. You can opt for the free version which monitors your activity constantly, or the premium version which includes added protection. IPM acts as a multi-layered filter and scans emails in bulk to detect and block spam, phishing and malicious emails at the gateway.

The add-in adapts to the individual’s workflow and offers solutions for different levels of vigilance – from automatically checking Outlook when it is opened – to adding outbound email protection to prevent accidentally sending cyber threats.

How To Add Advanced Security To Achieve Total Email Security offers threat protection for email accounts. They include advanced security features which are accessible from the user interface, for web browsers, mobile devices and most mail applications. It filters incoming emails and evaluates the sender’s reputation. It also warns users when the sender isn’t authenticated and could be a target for phishing attacks.

Spoof Intelligence is one of the key features included as part of Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection and Exchange Online Protection. It prevents fraudulent emails from reaching your inbox. takes a hard stance against cyber threats, and offers broad protection that includes sophisticated attachment scanning and link scanning – for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

Outlook Email Security Best Practices

Email security, like a classical ballet, requires vigilance, precision and sometimes a leap away from the potential malicious attacks. Strong passwords are the first line of defense. Creating a unique password and changing it frequently, and service providers enforcing strict requirements to strengthen this first barrier.

A layered email security solution should be implemented to monitor email attacks and provide layers of protection against them.

How To Stay Secure With Strong Passwords And Multi-Factor Authentication

phishing email attacks - illustration of multi-factor authentication process

The best way to block unauthorized access is to use a strong password that includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

For email security reasons, multi-factor authentication is very important. It includes different layers of protection that are similar to the multiple outer walls of a castle and requires different kinds of proof before the user can access the most sensitive areas of the application.

Training and Human Awareness

The human factor is always a susceptible element and training must be done to be always vigilant against phishing attacks and social engineering in general. Training sessions about cybersecurity can transform employees into alert sentinels, knowledgeable and aware of phishing techniques. These sessions must be done periodically to stay up-to-date with the constant emerging attacks. They are essential – like a shield during a war – to preserve the unchanged strength of an organization’s security barrier.

Data Protection And Compliance With Outlook Email Security

phishing email attacks - illustration of data protection and compliance

When it comes to email security, data exfiltration can create risks and breaches in compliance, even with complete protection in the Outlook email environment. Protecting sensitive data and complying with data protection regulations is more than mere routine. It’s an essential role in maintaining business communication and customer loyalty in the grand opera of activities.

Protecting against malicious emails is necessary to avoid data exfiltration and ensure compliance.

Privacy And Regulatory Compliance With Data443’s Cyren IPM

Data443’ extensive taxonomy is a regulatory compliance mechanism that enhances the precision and efficiency in data management like a chief conductor working with an orchestra. The confidence in Data443’ privacy solution is proven by more than 30,000 active installs worldwide, and its relentless effort to comply with privacy regulations.

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager (IPM) offers these benefits:

  • Protects user privacy with the highest regulatory standards
  • Protects sensitive information stored within Outlook environments as part of a layered email security solution
  • Creates a confidence that is wise and deserved

Some Data443’s Cyren IPM Features For Outlook Users

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager provides layered email security protection with multiple capabilities to adapt to the different work habits of those using Outlook. User-powered reporting is a mechanism that uses the wisdom of crowd to enable users to improve threat detection by reporting emails that were misclassified.

This tool acts as a guardian and organizer of email communication. Its interface is a seamless add-in designed for ease of use in regular Outlook functionality. With this email security tool, individuals can benefit from a safer and better organized electronic mail service.

Email Management Tools That Save Time

In today’s hectic world, Data443’s Cyren IPM can act like the guardian of time and accelerate email handling as part of a layered email security solution with actions that are just one click away – a small action that can make a huge difference.

With its pinnable task pane feature, this tool acts like a steady assistant in workflow management by keeping the controls for better email management always in view.

On-Demand Scanning And Risk Analysis

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager gives Outlook users added control of their email security with its on-demand scanning spam filtering capability that identifies and stops malicious emails with the click of a button. Every scan includes a detailed risk analysis report that provides insight into potential threats and contributes to the layered approach to protect email communication.

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager Deployment Options

Data443’s Cyren IPM offers different deployment options to be easily installed as part of a layered email security solution into existing IT infrastructure, and facilitate the transition to better email security for those using Outlook.

How Does Data443’s Cyren IPM Address Modern Phishing Attacks?

Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager uses advanced techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing to monitor mailboxes, detect phishing attacks and other email-borne threats including the sophisticated nature of social engineering and the cunning craft of malware attacks.

This automated predictive defense mechanism delivers exhaustive security by means of a speedy and decisive response to potential threats, successfully stopping around 97% of email-based risks before they expose the recipient to malicious material.


Throughout this article we’ve learned that the issue of phishing attacks isn’t trivial, and there is no one-fit-for-all solution when it comes to email security.

Let’s proceed with the knowledge we’ve acquired along this way, confident in our capabilities to fortify our communication channels and steadfast in our determination to maintain the privacy of our private data.



What level of risk analysis does Data443’s Cyren IPM provide?

Data443’s Cyren IPM provides on-demand scanning and complete risk analysis reports with in a click. Users are equipped with clear insight into potential email threats with unambiguous results.

Does Data443’s Cyren IPM scan incoming email only?

Yes. Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager scans all emails sent and received (inbound email) to prevent spread of malicious software and secure email communication.

Is Data443’s Cyren IPM customizable?

Yes, Data443’s Cyren IPM can be customized according to your specific security and functional needs.

What are the Data443’s Cyren IPM time savers?

Data443’s Cyren IPM allows users to perform single-click operations on emails and a dockable task pane allows easy access, saving precious time.

What does Inbox Protection Manager do?

Inbox Protection Manager enhances security for Outlook users, and provides strong protection against malware, phishing and other Internet threats. Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager enhances security for Outlook users, and provides strong protection against malware, phishing and other Internet threats. There are some distinct differences and merits worth considering when comparing Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager versus Abnormal Security or other email security systems:

  • Architecture and Usability: Data443’s Cyren IPM integrates seamlessly with Outlook and other Microsoft 365 apps providing a native experience for the user. Abnormal Security offers wider integration capabilities with many different email systems. This may be important for firms using multiple email solutions.
  • Detection and Prevention: Both products employ state-of-the-art technologies including machine learning and natural language processing. Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager offers multi-layered protection with a specific focus on safeguarding Outlook users. Abnormal Security takes a wider, multi-email platform approach to threats including spam, malware, ransomware, and other email security threats.
  • User Experience: Data443’s Cyren IPM offers many single click operations and a dockable task pane for quick and easy scanning and management of email. Abnormal Security also provides a user friendly interface. However, Data443 IPM’s approach provides greater automation in email security management and policy enforcement.
  • Deployment: Data443’s Cyren IPM takes a focused approach to threat protection while supporting various deployment models suitable for different IT infrastructures. This allows the product to be deployed with minimum disruption to the business.
  • Protection: Data443’s Cyren IPM offers many features for on-demand scanning, in-depth risk assessment and multi-layered protection. These features provide a holistic approach to email security, ensuring that all email threats are identified and neutralized in a timely manner.
  • Value Proposition: Data443’s Cyren IPM is available as a free product and a paid version providing greater automation and policy enforcement. This allows the product to be scalable and suitable for any organization regardless of size.

In conclusion, whichever solution an organization chooses to implement will be down to their specific needs as to which solution offers the most benefits. Both offer excellent features and provide sophisticated protection but Data443’s Cyren Inbox Protection Manager has certain advantages which make it a strong contender against Abnormal Security. Data443 has developed a strong offering in the email protection space with its unique strengths being a big plus for Outlook users which make this a worthy alternative to consider especially for those looking for simple to use, flexible and powerful email security.