Why CCPA Needs Workflow

Its January 1st and your first 5 CCPA SAR’s just came in from data; how do you turn this around? What does it look like? The answer is Workflows. 

We learned with GDPR that DSAR’s need to be handled correctly, or there are massive consequences, that much is obvious. But how do you do this? Surely you have so much of your customer’s information, but how do you see ALL of it and ensure you are handling it per their specific data protection law?

Again, the answer is Workflows. 

Specifically, GDPR, CCPA, etc. Workflows. 

With the Data443 Global Privacy Manager, a customer will submit a DSAR, which will then be placed in the appropriate workflow that is predefined by their location – so, Jane from NYC will submit a DSAR, and it will now show up in the CCPA Workflow inside your Global Privacy Manager Portal. 

After this, members of your team will be assigned tasks within the workflow based on any criteria you want – so Joe, who is relatively new at your company, will be in charge of CCPA Stage 1, which is acquiring the requested data. Then Jill, who is very experienced with the world of data governance, will be in charge of CCPA Stage 2, which is sending this information to the customer. These stages are predefined with the laws of the specific workflow. These stages are predefined with the laws of the particular workflow and will be exactly what needs to happen in order to handle the DSAR’s properly. 

With workflows in Data443’s Global Privacy Manager, you are able to track every touchpoint in the DSAR. From initial request to providing the data, the organizations will have a step by step guide to fully comply with all relevant laws, keeping your business’ customers & lawyers very happy.