Trust Network is ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Finalist

I am very pleased Mr. Hyde agreed to join to my growing Board of Advisors.  His decades of experience in the d

Resilient Network Systems, IJIS and their technology partners were selected as 1 of 30 Finalists for the ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation 2015 awards for top innovations in Government IT projects, based upon their work on:

Trust Network Pilot for the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
The IOCTN provides a consistent means for identity verification and access control across applications and organizations, by leveraging authoritative sources from network participants to derive identities/credentials and to resolve access policies that include context and business policy. Trust Networks are peer-to-peer networks created via secure protocols and distributed services that manage complexity by enabling data/application owners to establish and dynamically change access policies in the network versus each application, thereby rapidly forming and modifying communities-of-interest as circumstances change.

See the ACT-IAC list of the Top 30 Projects in Government Innovation at :

Finalists were selected from a diverse pool of over 100 solutions, tools, services, and programs developed by government and industry leaders to address some of the government’s biggest IT challenges. From innovative applications of cloud, social media and mobile technology, to security, healthcare, intelligent modeling, defense solutions, and more – you can see the “best of the best”! Innovation is definitely alive and well in the government!