Top Data Retention and Budget Challenges Solved

With busy schedules, a need for instant delivery, and desire to leave a trail for tracking, it’s not surprising that a Gartner study revealed nearly 60% of the average business’ critical data is stored in e-mail. Internal communication and client exchanges are saved somewhere in the mass of personal content and overlooked messages. 

Businesses need to be prepared with a strategy for archiving and locating information within e-mail platforms, quickly and efficiently, to enable data compliance and business continuity. 

Challenge: Company’s cost for data storage is too high, 

A study by the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council offered that nearly 69% of the data stored has no value to the company. By that math, the amount companies are spending on data storage could be exponentially higher than needed. Unfortunately, without a process to identify and classify data, data duplicates are often stored in multiple locations, without structure, increasing storage cost and discovery difficulty. ArcMail reduces storage costs by using custom retention policies based on content, ensuring accurate and compliant copies of all data and communications are retained for the entire period required for each unique piece of data, while non-valuable data and data duplicates do not occupy storage space. 

Challenge: Organization needs a way to simplify eDiscovery and Compliance 

With 60% of essential data, often including sensitive content, being exchanged and stored through e-mail, when organizations need to locate specific content for legal purposes or to demonstrate regulatory compliance, they need a way to quickly and easily locate and find the data they search for. An e-mail archiving solution, like ArcMail, enables organizations to reduce overall legal risk and to meet regulatory compliance. With both granular retention and intuitive search policies, users are able to find and access the information they need quickly, within time constraints, simplifying the discovery process and ensuring compliance.

Challenge: Cloud Based Solution that enables Compliance   

Many companies employee some version of a backup system within the organization thinking they are covered for compliance and data loss, not understanding the need for a secure archiving platform. Unlike backups, ArcMail acts your companies data vault. Each and every piece of data that goes in can no longer be modified, edited or deleted. Data is archived in transit, preventing users from deliberately or accidentally removing content from the archive. When it comes to cloud enablement, an archiving solution that gives businesses unlimited storage in a secure environment with controlled access is a must. ArcMail allows users to leverage cost-effective and scalable storage, while maintaining utmost security and quick searches. Some highly regulated organizations hope to use cloud technologies, but fear they cannot do so without some form of on-sight appliance. Hybrid on-premise/cloud based solutions, like that offered by ArcMail, gives customers the best of both worlds, creating a peace of mind: cloud efficiency and data archive scalability, with the protection from network or power outage complications and non-authorized end-user access concerns through the appliance. 

Whether your organization is legally bound by regulation, in need of a simple eDiscovery solution, looking for a data storage cost-reduction or wants to promote business continuity, a complete archiving solution is the answer you need. When looking for that solution, focus on those that provide an easy to use platform, feature granular customizable retention to optimize storage, support migration from legacy systems, and provide reports for audits, compliance and discovery. ArcMail takes pride in providing businesses all of the features needed, at a fraction of the price of most competitors. We’d love the opportunity to provide a quick, obligation-free quote showing how much money we can put back into your budget. Click here for a faster, more affordable content archiving solution with ArcMail.