Resilient Partners with FinalCode DRM to Protect Data Everywhere

The digital right management sector is an excellent fit for Resilient’s adaptive access management capabilities, and we are very excited to announce our partnership with FinalCode. The combined power of our two technologies will help enterprises and government agencies securely share files and collaborate across boundaries, by ensuring that the right users have access in real-time, while helping IT maintain security and control even when files are downloaded to devices and shared with users.

Resilient’s network-based policy engine has been coupled with FinalCode’s file-centric security digital rights management product and delivers unprecedented functionality, flexibility and ease of deployment. FinalCode protects access to a multitude of file types and Resilient handles the validation of the user and policy requirements for both parties. Together, you have powerful control over your files, including policy adjustments and revocation after files have been sent and downloaded.

According to the 2015 State of Secure File Collaboration Report, the current state of file sharing is alarming:

  • 83% of organizations experience file leakage incidents
  • 65% of files have been inappropriately shared, 52% of files have been emailed to the wrong recipient
  • 52% of files have been stolen by a trusted insider[1]

Whether these actions are simply user error or malicious, they should be monitored and prevented to protect sensitive data.

In today’s highly collaborative business environment, organizations need to share sensitive files, however, it presents a risk when these files are shared with external users, because once shared, what happens to them is no longer in the organization’s control. Organizations are seeking ways to protect sensitive data, intellectual property and personally identifiable information (PII), to avoid adverse regulatory, financial and legal liabilities, and to safeguard their reputations while enabling the information sharing necessary for continued business success.

Organizations must let files get shared freely, but only with dynamic access and usage control policies that are determined by the original data owner, even on devices beyond the enterprise’s IT control. The policies protecting the data must change if necessary, and such changes must be updated to protect copies of those documents, no matter where such files reside at the time. Further, the policies should address the authentication of the individual to the level required by the data owner, the authorization of the individual to see the data based on attributes or roles, and account for other context during the file entitlement decision.

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[1] 2015 State of Secure File Collaboration report, n=150 IT, Security and LOB information security decisions makers. 35% at CIO, CTO, CSO, VP level, North American mid-tier and large enterprises. © 2015 Enterprise Management Associates and FinalCode, Inc.