Resilient Network Systems Reimagines Identity Access Management for Secure External Sharing

Distributed Network Solution Goes Beyond Identity to Focus on Contextual AccessDecember 08, 2016 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As 2017 approaches, cloud computing, mobility and the Internet of Things continue to erode traditional organizational boundaries. The ability to share data freely is becoming a key driver of competitive advantage. For many organizations, however, the requirement to share and collaborate is outweighed by very real security concerns.

“Traditional IAM solutions use identity as the root of trust, but identity, as provisioned by a single entity, is insufficient for sharing sensitive resources with complex policies attached to them”

Identity Access Management (IAM), the traditional safeguard of internal sharing and collaboration, does not address the need for organizations to extend their reach by connecting with external parties. Equipped only with tools that let them manage provisioned identities, IT cannot safeguard external access requests. To confidently share information, organizations need more real-time information, authentication and authorization options to make smart access decisions.

“Traditional IAM solutions use identity as the root of trust, but identity, as provisioned by a single entity, is insufficient for sharing sensitive resources with complex policies attached to them,” said Ethan Ayer, CEO of Resilient Network Systems, the contextual access control company. “Our solution gives customers a convenient way to gather enough context to answer more sophisticated questions like “Is this a doctor?” or “Is this a trusted device?” Enough data is already out there to separate good actors from the bad, thus eliminating most fraud and theft. It is our job as a community to connect and organize that data to manifest a more secure and private online future.”

Resilient Network Systems’ contextual access solution, Resilient Access™, orchestrates all the necessary information so that organizations can be confident that they are granting appropriate access. Unique network-based architecture allows the system to query distributed authoritative sources to understand and resolve the subject, resource, action and environmental attributes that make up a typical access request. In addition to traditional features like single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication, a flexible policy workflow engine enables organizations to quickly and easily safeguard apps, data, documents and files with their own custom access rules.

The result of years of advanced research and development, Resilient Access is being used in both the public and private sectors. In addition to CEO Ethan Ayer, a former Partner at One Equity Partners & Milestone Venture Partners, the leadership team is comprised of Chairman Richard Spires, ex-CIO of the Department of Homeland Security, EVP Development Rob Gingell, ex-Chief Engineer of Sun Microsystems and Sun Fellow and Consulting Engineer Mark Hapner, J2EE Lead Architect and ex-Sun Distinguished Engineer.

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About Resilient Network Systems

Resilient Access™ is a policy-driven contextual access control solution for securely sharing data and connecting organizations. Our policy workflow engine discovers, organizes and resolves the information or attributes required to provide the context to make smarter access decisions. Resilient’s unique network-based architecture scales quickly to extend an organization’s reach across its entire ecosystem. Resilient Network Systems has customers in the U.S. Government, law enforcement and healthcare, and is a privately held, venture-backed company based in San Francisco.


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