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New Ordering System and Privacy Safe Seal™

Data443 Risk Mitigation Development Blog

by Damien O., Advanced Platform Developer at Data443

Over the past few weeks our developers have been working the sister product of our extremely popular GDPR and CCPA framework plugins for WordPress – called The Privacy Safe Seal. In case you have not had a chance to read up on this new release, this is a free add-on to the CCPA and GDPR framework that allows the customer to display a badge that lets their users know they are compliant with consumer data privacy laws and regulations by verifying and displaying that the website is currently running the CCPA or GDPR framework plugins. As you can imagine throughout the development process there have been a few hiccups.

This product originally was supposed to be a proprietary ASP.NET project that was independently ran and the user would enter their information and embed the badge on their site. It evolved into being completely integrated with our new ordering platform. This ended up being a blessing as we were not using the ordering system at all prior. Since the release of this product we now have hundreds of users registered on our ordering platform, which we can now cross sell, upsell and market our other products to in the same system. Due to Privacy Safe Seal being completely embedded within our ordering system we had a lot of problems and restrictions caused by the system itself. Some of the problems we occurred was that the process for creating and requesting a seal required a manual acceptance of the credentials for the seal, such as a passport or ID for verification. We ended up making this automatic, so we did not require someone to manually go into the system and accept it, allowing the customers to gain access to it much quicker. We also ran into a lot of problems with how the native ordering system was laid out and spent a lot of time reformatting and changing the pages themselves to fit what we wanted.

The development cycle for this product has been relatively quick but I am glad to say that the product is out and is already being received extremely well. Over 300 users and it has only been available for two weeks. Keep an eye out for more products coming out soon as we have been hard at work on a brand new member of the Global Privacy Manager product line which will also be available on the new ordering system.