Maximize the M-Files Magic for Your Clients

Maximize the M-Files Magic for Your Clients

EIM, ECM, ERP, CRM—you already know that M-Files revolutionizes the world of data management. The leap from folders and file locations to meta tags and content-driven storage `combined with M-Files integration with other business systems offers our clients a better way to store, protect, and access their data.

There’s no turning back.

But there’s also so much more.

The key to successful M-Files conversion goes beyond merely deploying the software. The test—the success—of any system rests on two outcomes, and by integrating M-Files with FileFacets, a unique SaaS-based migration service, your clients can master both challenges:

1. How will the customer convert current files—usually folder and locations—to M-Files?
M-Files offers benefits to customers, but first, they must apply metadata to their legacy files. Integrating with M-Files, FileFacets automates the clustering of content by doc type and lets clients add any number of meta tags at a click of a button. The software includes ROT processing, auto classification, metadata mining and attribution– no other tools required.

No more manually assigning metadata to files in spreadsheets, passing to colleagues for input and approval, and then building a script for a bulk up-loader. With FileFacets, clients can remove this time-consuming process, which is error filled, lacks precision, and creates user frustration.

2. What will convince everyone—from the CEO to the data-entry guy—to use M-Files?
Company-wide implementation of M-Files can seem overwhelming. So. Much. Data. How do you get every department to participate?

Using FileFacets, companies can convert to M-Files by department or business unit—one at a time, customizing to match their departmental and corporate needs. The software offers a unique sandbox staging feature that allows customers to design, solicit user feedback, and test the beta environment—all before committing to deployment.

With this pre-deployment testing, clients design the M-Files structure that matches their needs and converts their data into accessible business intelligence.

Unit-by-unit implementation allows users to offer input into M-Files migration, and each team benefits from the lessons learned by earlier adopters.

User adoption is essential to a successful ECM implementation, so we start by engaging users in the migration process. And, we continue by training all users.

Migration to M-Files doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating for any client.

With FileFacets integration, your clients can leverage the power of M-Files—all files in one place, accessible and secure.

The magic of M-Files combined with the flawless precision of FileFacets equals higher customer adoption and clients who are more than satisfied—they’re amazed. And amazed customers mean repeat business, referrals, and revenues.