How has data compliance changed under the “new normal”?

Dear Educators,

So, this is the “New Normal” that everyone has been talking about – a time in which peak internet traffic is up over 45%. Millions of US students have abruptly made the switch to remote learning in the past weeks, and with this brings a magnitude of unanticipated data growth as communication between staff and students transitions to strictly digital.

In the United States, of 1720 educators surveyed, 81% interact with students on a weekly basis or more often. Email is the most prevalent form of communication, with 86% indicating that is their most common method. Other approaches such as message boards (69%), and conferencing platforms (58%) are also experiencing high use.

So how has data compliance changed under the “new normal”?

The US Department of Education published guidelines outlining changes to the educational landscape, however, one thing that has not changed is the protection of faculty and students’ privacy. Data privacy in the education system still garners great concern. There has been no data privacy related changes or exceptions made due to the rapid onset of remote learning. Schools are still required to take full ownership over any online communication.

There are a variety of different laws that can be, and still are, applicable to an educational institute:

  • Federal, such as FERPA and
  • State, such as SOPIPA.
  • International, such as GDPR.

Because all faculty/staff related communications are digital based, institutes are now responsible for protecting more data than ever before.

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