General Availability – ClassiDocs Data Classification & Governance Platform – GDPR

Well, it is finally here! After demo’ing 100’s of times, running through our performance lab and hundreds of user survey’s – we are launching the ClassiDocs Data Classification and Governance platform!

A labor of love – the team is proud of the offering. We are getting amazing feedback from customers, partners and analysts alike – RSA was great too!

We feel it is – by far – the leading classification and governance solution on the market. We have focused very specifically on gaps in the marketplace that clients really need – avoiding superfluous geek bloat and ‘nice to have features’ – hitting our stride with the following set of guiding principles:

  • A Non-Hostile EndUser Experience
  • Which then – Enables a Closed-Loop End User Classification Feedback
  • Which is supported by a Multi-Steward Classification Management
  • Which results in more Reliable Classifications
  • Which drive better In Flight and At Rest Classifications
  • Coupled with An ‘All Enterprise Scale Processing’ ability
    • Drives reliable and up to date Classifications
      • Including the endpoint!
  • This always up to date Classification drives MUCH better security and data posture
  • The Native integration to SOC, GRC, IAM, IAG platforms gives enterprise better view for better decision making
  • A simplistic and easy to understand architecture make deployments very simple and quick – even for large enterprises!

We will be following up this post with a series of posts over the coming weeks – we have so much to share and show – like over 80 features – quite a bit for the first generation of the product J..   Also, our backlog for the next two versions is close to finalized – would be happy to share with you and get your perspective – after all – we want to build only what you will use!

Cheers – #TeamClassi