Exciting New Way to Authenticate on Android 7 phones & Resilient is Ready!

Resilient Network Systems believes FIDO2/WebAuthN has the potential to dramatically improve the security and privacy of identity on the web, while dramatically simplifying the user’s task of registering and authenticating their identity.  WebAuthN became an official WC3 Standard today, March 4, 2019, and FIDO2 is achieving broad industry endorsement and support from Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and Apple for both browsers and OS’s. Our Product, Resilient Access makes it simple for websites or applications to support many authentication techniques, including FIDO2/WebAuthN.

Soon after Google announced their first mobile device (FIDO2/WebAuthN) authenticator we were keen to use it to secure a user’s identity on their Android 7 device.  This successful test is the latest in a series interoperability tests related to these standards (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, U2F hardware, etc.). We are excited to see what is next and we will support that as well.