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Spam FAIL: Didn’t you learn to check your work at Spammer U.?

The spam sample below from Commtouch Labs shows an unfortunate lost opportunity for the spammer – a message that might have reached its recipient and enticed him/her to click on the enclosed link. 

But the link leads to a parked domain, and based on its use of “Company ABC” and the fact that the spammer left in the comment that “in HTML messages we can do nice things…” indicates that this particular spammer didn’t pay close attention to what s/he was sending. They also succeeded in embedding the recipient’s email address (blurred out in this copy) but neglected to put the name in the salutation, since the message cheerfully opens with “Hello [[Name]].”

This looks like a spam template that was provided to an inexperienced (or lazy) spammer who didn’t edit it properly before sending. Next time, if you want to copy someone else’s email template, at least make some changes & check your work if you want to receive an “A” at Spammer U.

Email text:


It is my pleasure to inform you that the latest de=elopment regarding the news from the President of United State of America =Barrack Obama) to release all foreign transaction without any further dela=.The United Nations in conjunction with Federal Investigation Department /=The U.S.A Government do here by give this irrevocable Approval Order With =elease Code: FBI/3480/02/00 to release your fund valued $4.500.000 US doll=r to you through Financial Bank of West African States Benin Republic.

Contact the below person who is in position to release your f=nd into your destination bank account within 48hours, Director General Mr.=ichard Pallmall, Foreign Remittance Financial Bank of West African States<=r />

Email (financialbank—

Phone +229) 98.86.06.– =ou are require to forward the below information’s to them to avoid T=ansfer your funds to a wrong person.

(1)Your bank name ________=______

(2)Beneficiary name _______________

(3)Your account numbe=: _______________

(4)Routing number: _______________

(5)Your ban= address: _______________

(6)Your home address: _______________

=7)Your age and occupation _______________

(8)A copy of your _________=_____

(9) Your home number _______________

(10)Your Email addres= _______________

(11) Your Country _______________

P=ease forward the following information’s to them now in there email = Gave to you and let me know when you do so and also when you receive your=funds in your bank account, also the beneficiary will be responsible for t=e transfer fee.