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Solidarity with German pharmacy spam

Commtouch recently exhibited at the 8th German Anti-Spam Summit in Wiesbaden, Germany. The Summit is organized by ECO – the Association of the German Internet Industry. Commtouch is a long-term partner of many leading German service providers and security vendors including 1&1, Intergenia and Astaro. 

One of the often-discussed points at the Commtouch booth was the ability of any Anti-spam solution to be language agnostic (such as Commtouch’s Anti-Spam based on Recurrent Pattern Detection). Proving this language-agnostic ability, our labs picked up a neat sample of German spam a few days after the event. The emails refer to various politicians and celebrities (who seem to be in the midst of some parliamentary or legal troubles). The emails ask that recipients click on the Web links to learn more about showing solidarity with said politicians and celebrities.

The Web pages include similar solidarity text but also include a “foldover” corner with traditional Internet pharmacy products (i.e.: Viagra). Not sure that this would help anyone’s cause…