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Sillyspam Websites

First there was Sillyspam (search Twitter for #sillyspam) – where we tweet about amusing spam topics and content that we have seen. Then we added “Silly 419” – describing some of the more outlandish attempted fraud emails that we pick up in our labs. And now we add “Sillyspam Websites”. These are the not-very-well-thought-out destination sites that await recipients of spam emails who choose to click on the included hyperlinks. 

Exhibit 1 – a mass spam emailing promoting a newsletter management solution led users to this page. We wish we knew what the company was called… (red squares added by us).

Exhibit 2 – a large number of email harvesting sites (well over 100 domains) that attract users with promises of amazing skiing adventure deals. Although the text deals extensively with ski holidays, the picture (featured on all of the sites) shows a somewhat warmer type of environment.