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Mass emailings support change in Egypt, and now Syria

In addition to the much publicized use of Facebook and Twitter to organize protests, supporters of change in Egypt have also been using good old email to spread the word. The emails appear to be spreading using the traditional “forward this to all your contacts”. The subjects include:

  • Stand with Egypt 
  • All Egyptians are together
  • Important … A must read
  • Unrest in Egypt
  • A Call to the People and Governments of the Free World
  • Save Egypt
  • Help Egyptian protesters

The senders are of course facing the same dilemma faced by any mass-email campaign i.e.: where do the constant emails from so many sources cross the line and become … spam. The answer in this case is clearly in the eye of the recipient. For many email users unsolicited email = spam. Some of the emails flagged by users over the past week appear below – including calls for protests in Syria on the 5th of February.