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Malware Detection: Protecting Against Ever-Evolving Threats

Supercharging Your Enterprise Malware Detection

Organizational users rely on multiple tools and products to improve their productivity and collaboration. These enterprise tools allow companies to share a large number of files such as PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and more. This allows for easy collaboration and communication between employees. Increased reliance on email, as well as cloud file storage and sharing platforms, has given rise to incidents that involve file-based malware and phishing attacks. 

Enterprises and their employees trust organizational products and tools to provide a safe platform for content sharing and collaboration. Breach of this trust can lead to the spread of malware, infecting your customers, and causing irreparable damage to your brand and overall business. An enterprises’ embedded malware detection needs to provide product managers with confidence that there is a reduction in cloud-hosted, file-based malware vulnerabilities. In addition, any service providers that utilize malware detection capabilities must have the ability to rely on these detection capabilities against the ever-evolving, advanced phishing threats.

What is the Cyren Malware Detection Engine?

Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine is a great solution for hardware and software vendors, as well as service providers who are looking for a security solution. Our product combines superior malware detection with maximum performance. Employing several advanced microscanners and deobfuscation tools, Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine offers detection with multiple layers, a modular architecture, and even multi-platform support. This engine’s fast and accurate malware detection relies on analytics as well as automation. The quality of this detection stems from the ability to continuously refresh data stored within GlobalView™, Cyren’s security cloud, and the integration of expertise and analytics – transforming data into accurate, current, and fast malware threat detection.

Benefits of Cyren Malware Detection Engine

With new hyper-evasive malware files consistently being shared via multiple platforms, it is crucial to make sure your product can protect user-trust through a safe communication environment. Since email is the primary threat vector that is responsible for more than 90% of breaches, it’s important to collect information about the latest outbreaks by analyzing email traffic. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of using the Cyren Malware Detection Engine.

Staying Focused on the Latest Outbreaks

Through monitoring billions of emails every day, as well as leveraging multiple malware detection techniques like intelligent signatures, advanced emulation, and heuristics, Cyren has the ability to analyze and correlate email-based malware campaigns with those found in web traffic and suspicious files. This allows for comprehensive protection against new outbreaks.

Rapid Detection with/without Network Connectivity

Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine offers premier detection capabilities regardless of network connectivity. It also does not rely solely on cloud-based lookups in order to provide accurate malware detection. When installed in an offline environment, customers can download the latest definitions directly – ensuring detection against the latest threats. On the other hand, when it is installed with network connectivity, our Cloud Assist capability allows organizations to leverage Cyren’s real-time global malware threat intelligence.

Effective Detection of Packed/Obfuscated Files

Threats oftentimes utilize packing or obfuscation in order to make their files difficult to detect and analyze. Cyren’s advanced Malware Detection Engine can break a file into its smallest components – rapidly scanning them individually for malicious artifacts. This lets the detection engine detect packed and obfuscated files such as scripts inside a PDF, as well as macros inside an Office document, or files within a zip file.

Features of Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine

The Cyren Malware Detection Engine has multiple features that help to aid its productivity. Let’s look at some of these main features and how they impact the capabilities of the detection engine.

  • Multi-layered Detection: This utilizes heuristics, emulation, and signatures to provide detection from all angles.
  • Modular Architecture: This architecture allows for fast reaction to new threat types.
  • Fast, Clean File Processing: Over 90% of files scanned by AV are clean, and optimized so you can make fast decisions about clean files.
  • Support for All Compression Techniques: These include ZIP, Bzip2, RAR, 7zip, NSIS and CAB compression techniques.
  • Multi-platform: This can be used on Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc.
  • Award-winning Technology: This technology has certifications from Virus Bulletin.

What Powers Cyren Malware Detection Engine?

Cyren gathers actionable malware threat intelligence by analyzing and processing billions of daily transactions within the Cyren GlobalView™ Threat Intelligence cloud. Through correlating these insights, Cyren continuously improves its detection capabilities as threat actors change their tactics. Cyren’s Malware Detection Engine utilizes GlobalView to make sure of rapid threat detection and analysis.

Malware Detection Techniques

Cyren leverages multiple malware detection techniques to detect malicious software in high-performance environments like email hosting, web security, and SaaS environments. These malware detection techniques include the following: 

  • Intelligent Signatures
  • Advanced Emulation
  • Heuristics
  • Machine Learning
  • Sandbox analysis

Deobfuscation Tools

Cyren also uses a number of microscanners (also known as deobfuscation tools), allowing the malware detection engine to break them down from large files into the smallest parts for comprehensive malware protection against phishing threats hidden in packed files. These deobfuscation tools include the following: 

  • PDF / Text Scanner
  • Cloud Lookup Module
  • Polymorphic Scanner
  • Compressed File Scanner
  • JS/VBS Scanner
  • Encrypted File Scanner

Learn More About Malware Detection from Cyren

Read the data sheet and learn how to use the Cyren Malware Detection Engine, a phishing detection solution, today.