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Hallmark Card Malware run with a little bit of a difference

We detected a new email run of malware and released definition files for it. We call it W32/Trojan2.NLUQ. The email is a bit unusual in its presentation.  

It grabs scripts and graphics from the Hallmark page which it will display in your email client. All of the clickable links in the email points to the Hallmark site.

The catch is twofold. First it asks you to forward the email to 7 people and it has a malware attachment. 

The text from the email is: “The Snow Fairy can bring you good fortune for one whole year. May YOU be blessed by her good deeds…. You must pass the Snow Fairy to 7 people within 60 seconds to receive your one year blessing…. HURRY!”

This is an interesting mix of social engineering, chain letters and malware.

Included is a screenshot of what the email should look like in your email client.

NLUQ Email screenshot

Please remember sensible computing practices and don’t forward chain letters and don’t click on attachments. In this specific case you may not be blessed by your friends or by the malware.