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48% of Facebook attacks are helped along by users – Commtouch Trend Report

Our latest Internet Threats Trend Report is now available. The report covers Web threats, phishing, malware, and spam. The January 2012 Internet Threats Trend Report and accompanying infographic present a comprehensive analysis of scores of malicious Facebook activities during the past year. The report investigates the three stages of Facebook attacks: 

1) Social engineering tricks,

2) How attacks spread between friends (see graph below)

3) How cybercriminals benefit from the attacks.

Other info in the report: In the fourth quarter of 2011 email attached malware levels dropped significantly from the billions of messages observed in Q3. These were replaced with numerous outbreaks of emails with malicious links. Most of these links led to compromised websites that were used to host malware scripts. Spam levels increased marginally in December but remained at a three year low.

Average spam for the quarter: 101 billion emails per day

Country with the most spam zombies: India (23.5%)

Website categories most likely to contain malware: parked domains, free websites, and pornography sites