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Beware the cancellation email – Valentine’s Day pharmaceuticals await

Maybe recipients of these emails ordered from Amazon recently – or maybe not. Either way we’re betting many people will click on the links out of curiosity or maybe to protest their order cancellation. The outbreak took place earlier today and was quite large (in the high millions).

The name of the book that was supposedly ordered is changed per email – some examples:   

  • The Recomputed Deluxe Edition By: Sally Richardson
  • The Basically. By: Peter Armstrong
  • The Overdraft Second Edition By: Nigel Bennett
  • The Recompute Deluxe Edition By: Sarah Roberts
  • The Arlington Second Edition By: Janet Watson

Both the “order reference” link and the lead via intermediate sites to the pharmaceuticals site (Canadian Family Pharmacy) with special Valentine’s Day offers.

During the outbreak our trusty spam cloud was severely altered due to the amount of samples received:

Email text:

Your order has been successfully canceled. For your reference, here’s a summary of your order:

You just canceled order #141-1617273-679978 placed on February 16, 2012.



1 of The Recomputed Deluxe Edition

By: Sally Richardson

Sold by: LLC


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