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Arabic Facebook likejacking

Sometimes Facebook attacks are quite easy to find – like when an American friend posts in Arabic.  

The text:

موقف محرج خلال البث المباشر مذيعة قناة الرياضية

translates to: “An embarrassing situation during the live broadcast TV sports broadcaster”

Clicking on the link leads to a Web page with an embedded video player. Clicking pretty much anywhere on the page (including the play button) generates a share confirmation or a like, ensuring the spread of the attack. The attack seems designed to draw Facebook users to the advertising on the page which generate revenues for the webpage owner.

The January 2012 Internet Threats Trend Report and accompanying infographic present a comprehensive analysis of scores of malicious Facebook activities during the past year, as identified by Commtouch Labs. The report investigates the three stages of Facebook attacks: Social engineering tricks, how attacks spread between friends, and how cybercriminals benefit from the attacks.

The not-all-that-funny video can be viewed safely on Youtube.