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A que famosos se parecen tus amigos? (Celebrity photo match for your friends)

It sounds like a fun application – scanning your friends profile photos and then matching them with the celbrity that they most closely resemble. If only it actually worked… 

It starts with a friend’s post:

Post text (in Spanish):

Descubre a que famosos se parecen tus amigos en esta divertida y sorprendente aplicación. Analizaremos el perfil de tus amigos, sus gustos, aficiones y su foto, ¡y te diremos a que famosos se parecen!.

Translation (more or less):

Discover which celebrities look like friends and have fun in this amazing application. Analyze it profile of friends, photo, to say that you look like celebrities!

Clicking on the links opens an application approval page:

Notice the all-important “Post to Facebook as me”. This ensures the further spread of the application which will now let all your friends know that you are searching for their celebrity lookalikes. The app also posts pictures which “show” the celebs that match your friends. How do we know it doesn’t work – well firstly the matches weren’t all that good, and secondly the celeb photos seem to be limited to the same collection of 15 or so photos that simply repeat over and over.

So what’s the real purpose of this app – it leads to a dating app (as soon as you click on “allow”)