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CYREN Survey Benchmarks Security at SMBs — 71% Hacked in the Past Year!

CYREN teamed with Osterman Research to ask questions of IT and security professionals at over 300 small and medium-sized businesses during June, and the resulting report is available for download here, and discussed in last week’s webinar available here.

There are a lot of surveys and reports and white papers circulating which are focused on security issues at large enterprises, but the amount of information available on the security posture, problems and priorities of “Mid-Market” or SMBs is noticeably thin. Formerly entitled “IT Security at SMBs: CYREN 2016 Benchmarking Survey,” the survey report is brimming with data and insights and answers questions like:

  • What percentage of SMBs suffered an infection or security breach in the past year, and how much did it cost them?
  • How fast are IT security-related budgets rising at small and mid-size companies?
  • What security solutions have such companies deployed, and from which vendors? 
  • How are companies protecting traveling employees?

2016 Osterman Research Survey

The responses to these and other questions are a great opportunity for any IT or security professional at a mid-market to benchmark themselves against their peers.

Some survey highlights include:

  • 71% of SMBs have suffered an infection or breach in the past 12 months.
  • The most prevalent type of breach was phishing-related, suffered by 43% of the companies surveyed.
  • IT security-related costs are exploding, with an increase of 23% in the past year.
  • 29% of SMBs already subscribe to some type of SaaS web security protection.
  • 56% of SMBs say they are now doing SSL traffic inspection.

We hope you find the report interesting and informative – feel free to reach out to the CYREN team in case of questions.